Arrowhead House West
Board & Lodging with “specialized health services”

Arrowhead House West is a structured Board and Lodging facility that is licensed to provide "Specialized Health Services" to mentally ill and/or chemically dependent adults who may also be involved with the criminal justice system.

We are located in a renovated three story brick building in the central hillside just above the downtown area of Duluth, Minnesota. The program offers 24-hour support and crisis services to fifty-four adult men and women. We provide a safe and healthy environment to fulfill the needs of people who have experienced emotional problems which have seriously affected their ability to live and work independently. The program was specifically developed to serve as a transition from institutional life to a less restrictive, supportive and more permanent living situation in the community.

The overall philosophy of the program is to assist our residents in gaining some mastery over the issues which are affecting their daily lives. It is hoped that an individual's placement at Arrowhead House West will ultimately increase their quality of life and assist them in developing better mental health and chemical health management skills.