IRTS: Services Provided

Treatment modes adhere to standards that have been designed using Evidence Based Practices. These practices were developed over several years through research and pilot projects. They are the most up to date methods in providing individual treatment, focusing on learning the skills to manage one's disability and pursuing personal goals.

The core concepts of Illness Management and Recovery and Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment are provided by twice weekly group sessions with individual sessions as needed. Family Education, another Evidence Based Practice, is available at an individual's request. In this process, family members can participate in the treatment and education their relative receives through one to one sessions facilitated by a Mental Health Practitioner. To encourage this, staffing patterns are coordinated to make participation available 7 days per week, around a family member's schedule.

Additional groups enhancing the concepts of Evidence Based Practices and skill building include: daily structure, support resources, socialization, recreation, leisure time activities and independent living skills training. Each individual will also work with their Mental Health Practitioner to begin planning discharge week one to learn of post-discharge housing options.

Intensive residential rehabilitative mental health services are time-limited services provided in a residential setting to residents in need of more restrictive settings and at risk of significant functional deterioration if they do not receive these services. Intensive Residential Treatment services are designed to develop and enhance psychiatric stability, personal and emotional adjustment, self-sufficiency, and the necessary skills to live in a more independent setting. The services are directed toward a targeted discharge date with specified recipient outcomes and are consistent with Evidence-Based Practices. Evidence-based practices are nationally recognized mental health services proven to be effective in helping individuals with serious mental illness achieve specific treatment goals.

The services provided within our program are planned and coordinated with the local mental health service delivery system. Residents may access and receive services outside our facility for which they are eligible, specifically in situations when it would further the continuity of treatment and transition to the community. The following services are provided within the Arrowhead House Intensive Residential Treatment program:

  • Supervision and direction;
  • Individualized assessment and treatment planning;
  • Crisis assistance, development of health care directives and crisis prevention plans;
  • Nursing Services;
  • Inter-agency case coordination;
  • Transition and discharge planning;
  • Living skills development, including:
    • medication self-administration
    • healthy living
    • household management
    • cooking and nutrition
    • budgeting and shopping
    • using transportation
    • employment-related skills.
  • The program has the capacity for residents to possess and store, in a manner which is secure, their own medications and money.

In addition we have the capacity within the facility to provide integrated services for chemical dependency, illness management and recovery services, and family education, when appropriate.