IRTS: Facility Tour

Arrowhead House East is located in a residential neighborhood on the scenic east hillside of Duluth, MN. The turn of the century facility and professional staff provide a safe and healthy environment for individuals to works towards independence. Due to the size of the facility, there are many areas for a resident to have some private time during their day. To encourage safety and responsibility, each person has their own key to their bedroom.

Summers in Duluth are to behold and it tends to be the perfect time for outside enjoyment. Our spacious grounds allow for residents to play volleyball, work in the garden or gather around the fire pit.

During meal times, residents eat family style along with staff on duty. The comfortable atmosphere created stimulates general conversation and permits residents to tell of their day's events.  Programming includes instruction in the kitchen. Residents work directly with a staff member to develop their cooking skills and learn to maintain proper nutrition on a budget.  

The bedrooms in the house are very generous in size and also unique in design. Two people share each bedroom with most having a large walk in closet for clothing and personal items.

We emphasize availability and accessibility of staff members. The casual mood allows residents to feel relaxed when sharing their thoughts and feelings. The basement of the facility serves as a workout room for residents. Residents also have the freedom to do their own laundry in our facilities.

We are conveniently located at the intersection of 18th Ave. East and Superior St. with public transportation just a short walk away.